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Why hire dell laptops?

There are any number of reasons to hire Dell laptops such as their portable, powerful designs or features which enable them to work well at business and gaming events alike. These devices are made to travel well and are incredibly user friendly, with plenty of RAM storage and display options that render them as pleasant to use as they are practical powerhouses.

Notice their keyboards which are backlit and designed to fit the way you type naturally for an ergonomic user experience that you’ll notice. These have brightness, and ideal contrast ratio that makes them visibly appealing and great for the business professional who is hard at work. Their colour is in a league of its own, with tone and saturation that is natural and appealing. For a professional laptop for the event and business planner, look no further. Our qualified team can offer you a free estimate and show you the easiest way to hire dell today!

Dell Laptop Hire

Dell E5440 Latitude

  • Fast internet speed
  • Core i5
  • Upto 500GB HDD
  • 15.6-inch LED Backlit Display
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Dell Latitude E6320

  • Core i5 Processor
  • Up to 500GB HDD
  • Up to 8GB DDR3L 1600 MHz
  • Perfect for Business Meetings
Dell Laptop Victoria

Dell Latitude E7440

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around at events
  • High quality display
  • Powerful processors and secure network connections
  • Great to use for larger conferences, presentations and speakers
  • Available for event laptop hire

Why rent Dell from Hire Laptops?

Why should you rent Dell from Hire Laptops? We offer a lot of extras you may not have even considered yet. For example, we can upload any of the software and apps you need ahead of time. We can create and/or upload the landing pages and splash screens you need that is branded to your business or event. And we have our own logistics fleet so that you always receive your delivery on time.

We also offer 24/7 remote support and the option of onsite support should you require it for event technical staffing, WiFi installation, or any ad hoc tasks that you require on the day of your event. The question is, why wouldn’t you rent Dell from Hire Laptops?

Rent HP laptops and much more!

Aside from our incredible services and the quality of our laptops, we offer one of the largest inventories of event technology in the world, so we can also assist with:

  • Mobile Phones
  • iPads
  • Digital Signage
  • AV Solutions
  • Virtual Event Software

and anything else required whether you are planning an event, working from home, or traveling on business.

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