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Looking for WiFi hire throughout Australia and New Zealand that is fast, secure and consistent? We have a team of WiFi network engineers who are fully qualified to instal WIFi for your next event, team or temporary office setup.

WiFi hire is part art, part science. You want a system that meets all security requirements, is professionally surveyed and installed cleanly, with the right backup internet contingency in place so that your users have consistent access to high-speed internet without exception.

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WiFi or MiFi hire?

WiFi and MiFi are both available through Hire Laptops, and the different is that of scale. MiFi is for 1-7 users at a time, whereas WiFi is for anywhere from 7- thousands of users and can be installed over much larger distances depending on requirements. We have both MiFi hire and WiFi hire available, and both the technical support and the network professionals to help you get setup, regardless of your requirements.

Types of Wi-Fi hire available

We have a variety of event WiFi solutions including satellite WiFi hire, remote access point installation, personalised bonded internet, hardline and more. We also have a new WiFi product entitled Wi-Fi in a Box which is literally Wi-Fi for 100 users across a 40-meter radius in a 10kg portable pelicase that you simply plug in, switch on, and works within 3 mins.

How’s that for simple? WiFi in a box is scalable for larger areas and more users as required and is just one of our event WiFi solutions that we can attest to. Different solutions have different applications. For example, satellite internet works well in remote locations or areas that lack existing infrastructure. Access points are installed both as a single solution and as backup-depending on your WiFi blueprint. Personalised Bonded internet is a combination of hardline and additional internet options that leave you with a secure total WiFi solution.

For more information about any of our event WiFi hire solutions, get in touch with a member of our team today!

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