Best Zebra printers for your business!

We can help you rent Zebra Printer packages that improve your business’s ROI and efficiency. Have you looked at the brilliant range of scanning and printing solutions from Zebra? This name is known in the business and events industry for quality products that are fast, efficient and offer user friendly interfaces that are easy to use. 

Why rent Zebra Printer solutions?

If you need to rent printers then chances are you are looking to hire devices that print efficiently, quietly, and clearly. You are likely looking for speed and durability. And having the flexibility of options such as thermal printers and Bluetooth models are also helpful in this industry. 

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Why clients rent Zebra ZD500 printer models.

Our clients rent ZD500 printers, for example, because they are intelligent devices with 203 DPI resolution that can print 6 labels, receipts or tags per second. They are lightweight, yet durable and compact so they don’t take up a lot of space on countertops.

Zebra ZD500s easily sync with iPads and portable scanners via Zebra and payment software, to create merchant terminals that work effectively at any event or business function. To rent Zebra ZD500 printer models today, call us for a free quote and with any questions. We’re always happy to discuss your next event!

More than just printing technology at Hire Laptops.

We have the latest printing devices such as the Zebra GK420, the ZD500, and the ZD620- among others! But did you know that we also offer the latest technology in a variety of other forms, such as scanners, iPads, laptops, stands, cash drawers, audio-visual solutions and VR equipment?

We offer products and services that you may not even be aware of, such as WiFi installation and technical event staffing. We also offer remote support with all of our rentals.

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