Rent VR Equipment That Makes a Difference!

Virtual Reality is here to stay, and you can rent VR equipment that makes a real difference to your audience and to your event ROI. We offer a variety of technology and software that can help you create unique experiences. Rent Oculus Go or rent Quest VR headsets for a number of incredible features and an evolving platform that just keeps getting better. Here’s a bit about just two of our favourite VR companions.

Oculus VR Rental

Oculus Quest VR Rental

  • All-in-one VR system
  • The wireless headset and controllers provide a compact setup
Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Rent

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR 2017

  • Adjustable straps, 360 degree view
  • Compatible with Android phones
VR Ready Laptop Hire

VR Ready Laptop Hire

  • High resolution views for each eye
  • Play live games with controllers

Why Rent Quest?

Why should you rent Quest? Great question! It combines impressive software and hardware into a single Bluetooth headset and offer features such as hand tracking and Oculus Link. You can set it up quickly and easily with just a 5x5 space to work with. And if you lose the controllers you can still use the headset- a relatively new feature that makes a difference.

The Oculus Quest’s SLAM algorithm remembers the rooms and spaces you play in, including where the floor and surrounding are. This tracks the within 6 Degrees of Freedom the position of your headset. There are many reasons to rent Quest VR equipment. Speak to us today for a free estimate!

Looking for a free estimate or have any questions about your next VR experience?

Rent Oculus Go for an all-in-one VR headset

Rent Oculus Go for a portable, wireless easy to use, PC-free VR experience. It offers rich, vibrant detail and lenses that were awarded ‘best in class’ by industry professionals. Take advantages of the optimal visual clarity, 3-D graphics and optics that are refreshingly clear.

When you rent Oculus Go, you’ll appreciate the breathable fabric and injection foam it’s made from, with gentle adjustment straps that actually stay in place. Top this off with spatial sound that delivers cinematic quality without requiring headphones, and you begin to understand the effortless control and ease of use of this masterpiece.

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