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Festivals and concerts are one of our specialities and we provide WiFi for events throughout Australia and New Zealand, with or without existing infrastructure or and regardless of location. We have network engineers who can install remote access points, satellite internet, hardline, personalised bonded internet, MiFi and more. We’ve supplied WiFi on moving caravans for conferences, in the French Alps and the Egyptian desert, and in remote regions of the UK for outdoor festivals and music concerts.

WiFi for events

What type of WiFi are you looking for. We can install and uninstall satellite WiFi in under an hour, which is useful for remote locations and areas that lack telephone cables or other existing infrastructure. Broadcasters often use it for temporary setups because of the volume of bandwidth and number of users utilising the internet at one time.

We can provide remote access points for areas that need additional WiFi or backup support. MiFi is useful for 1-7 users and is simple to setup. Personalised bonded internet is a combination of internet including the existing hardline, which is useful for a variety of events which require WiFi.

We also offer WiFi in a Box, a portable solution that brings WiFI for a hundred to an event at the flip of a switch. It comes in a 10kg portable pelicase and you can scale up coverage as required. We always survey the venue and recommend a backup system for consistent, high-speed and secure coverage.

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Why choose us for event WiFi services?

We have been delivering event wifi for over a decade and have network engineers who truly understand how to create secure, effective connections. We don’t believe in a one fit solution- instead we offer you a range of products and services and provide the support and assistance to understand your WiFi options and choose the one that’s truly best for your next event.

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